We offer powerful systems to provide support for all stages in the documentation process. Our systems share the same core of source code for all projects and can be easily adapted to each individual customer and product range. This is a very important feature in our methodology since the fine tuning that makes this possible substantially improves the whole production workflow.

As a result, we are able to interface with the surrounding systems that are developed by our customers or their suppliers. Thanks to this competence we frequently join forces with our customers and their own suppliers at an early stage in order to ensure that the whole production chain, starting with authoring and ending with distribution on printed or electronic media, becomes state of the art.



As a natural part of our core activity of translations, CBG has a long history and experience of system development linked to translations. We provide and develop in-house applications for all parts of the delivery process, and since we utilise our own solutions in the majority of all projects, we can provide a high level of adaptability and flexibility.


A significant part of our offering is our ability to offer tailored products. Thanks to our strong development team we can supply complex web and system solutions to meet customer requirements. These customer-unique solutions are often linked to production, authoring or digital distribution, and not infrequently to integration with a customer’s other systems. We work in particular with Microsoft products and tools.


The core element of our automated translation process for large customers is our CDCS platform, CBG Delivery Control System. CDCS facilitates full integration with the customer’s system, regardless of whether it is with a web service provided by a CMS or a file-based delivery point in the form of FTP. For specific needs we can also offer other products and services to find solutions for a customer’s needs for integration and automation.


From our portfolio organisation we offer project management as a service in connection with large IT projects, such as new implementations or further development of existing CMS. Our project managers are PMI certified and possess extensive accumulated experience managing a variety of IT projects. We are also happy to contribute in more operationally oriented projects where business requirements and IT meet – for example, in feasibility studies, requirements mapping or process design.


All of our projects are managed in accordance with the PMI best practices and ISO 9001(Quality Management) certification, whereby our project managers work with CBG’s in-house team in web and system development, with our suppliers or with the customer’s IT department.


For our customer systems and solutions we offer tailored management services, what we call IT System Management. This includes all services and tools required to run, maintain and manage the most complex IT systems. For larger implementations it is common practice to appoint a System Manager, who is responsible for management, operation and support, as well as the system’s lifecycle. All management is supported by ISO 9001 certified processes and tools – with high requirements for documentation and quality.


The System Manager works closely with the orderer, the customer’s users and CBG’s support organisation. The System Manager’s role also offers strong strategic support for the customer with regard to system development and product planning.


With over ten years of expertise as system integrator of technical authoring environments to the automotive and engineering industries, we are currently leading actors in the field. Our offering is based on COSIMA CMS – a powerful and adaptable solution designed from the ground up with the authoring of technical information in focus. As a platform, COSIMA offers a high level of functionality for streamlining and automating the critical stages in production. Integration with other applications is made possible by the open interface – applications such as translation systems or workflow management (BPM). Our solutions are based on standard products where customisations play a part by means of customer-unique functionality or integration with other systems in the customer’s environment.



The industry-standard solution for simple creation of good technical documentation for small and medium-sized enterprises.


Ready-to-use software for:

  • Plant and equipment manufacturing
  • Measurement and control technology
  • Medical technology
  • The software industry

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COSIMA Enterprise

  • A highly-flexible performance product for optimisation of your documentation processes
  • Customisable and globally deployable for up to several hundred users. 
  • Customised features and workstations
  • Monitoring and control of the processes via electronic work flow and detailed reports
  • Complete integration into the existing IT environment with the help of flexible and open interfaces
  • A high level of automation of the documentation processes
  • A user-configurable information architecture for simple implementation of individual information designs
  • The use of advanced, effective documentation approaches and ontologies

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