CBG Konsult & Information AB is one of the leading translation companies in the world. For more than 50 years we have helped companies to stay one step ahead and take significant shares of growing markets. We work with several global brand leaders and have some of the world’s largest companies as customers.


Our objective is to quickly and efficiently offer professional translations and associated services at an advanced level. We supply everything from individual translations to integrated total solutions. Our customers come from trade and industry, public authorities and international institutions. We help you to communicate in the local languages of your customers and potential customers, from the first contact and throughout the whole service life of the product.


Ten offices in nine countries

Group headquarters are in Stockholm. We have over 200 employees who cooperate on a daily basis across office boundaries in a dynamic and international environment. Our offices are strategically located around the world, which means that we can act both globally and locally at the same time.

Our quality policy is based on the ISO 9001:2015, ISO 17100 and SAE J2450 standards. Our efficient processes are supported by these standards – as well as fifty years of experience.

Our definition of quality is “the ability to continuously deliver the expected result”. With this as the foundation, CBG always strives to identify and implement each customer’s needs and wishes, with the objective of delivering the expected result.


We work continuously to reinforce the following:

  • our customer focus
  • the commitment and knowledge development of the employees
  • our processes and the technologies we use.

For you as customer and purchaser, there is a sense of security in knowing that the quality aspect is integrated into all parts of the process and that all staff at all levels are involved in quality control.

Annually, we produce several hundred million translated words, as well as a large number of pages of proofreading, layout processing and a wide range of other services related to multilingual documentation processing. Read more under Translation services. We cover approximately one hundred languages and many more language pairs.


Our global network consists of thousands of skilled and professional translators who specialise in different subject areas and who cooperate with us on a continuous basis. We match your requirements against an extensive knowledge bank and allocate the best resources for your assignment. No assignment is too small, nor is any too large.


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